Ok. Enough is Enough.

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When we usually start a new relationship, it's because there is a mutual attraction. Sooner or later the midnight call get steamy and I think I'm falling in love turns to, I love u honey pie.
Then u can't stay off the phone. You just want to be with this heartthrob 24/7.
Till the 4 week, post coital blues. The calls become one sided. The I love u honey pie becomes Yeah, u too. 
Then, stupidly, u get married.
Then the real shit hits the fan. U become too clingy. Why do u only think/want sex all the time? 
The lover becomes the fighter. The kisses become punches. Truths become lies. U even lie to cover the lies.
Nah! Enough is Enough! It's time to shake things up. 
Stop thinking it's going to get better. It's not. Stop praying for change. It is not going to happen. No matter how many prayers u and the church offer, an arsehole will always be an arsehole. Wise up.
He/she will never, ever love u like that again. They are usually narcissistic, psychological, pathetic, pathological liars, that thrive on making people miserable. 
They usually are the nicest people, people meet. No one will believe you when you say how awful they really are. It's your fault. 
No its not!
No! It's not!
Enough is Enough.
You are worth so much more and I am going to make sure you get it.

Purple Buddy

Purple Buddy

I am a survivor!


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